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LED street light

LED street light LED street light LED street light
Product name:LED street light
 LED street light KELED-S005:

1. Energy saving: This model of 150W / LED street light can replace the traditional 300W metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, energy saving ratio of more than 60%.
2. Light decline: the use of the highest heat efficiency of aluminum as a radiator, the temperature rise within 20 degrees, LED junction temperature below 70 degrees, light decline 30000 hours less than 30%.
3. Shape: generous shape, reliable structure.
4. Light distribution: We adopt secondary packaging Philips 3030 original chip, efficiency utilization rate more than 90%.
5. Shell:Open style.
6. Installation:hoop fasteners, easy to install.
7. Power supply:High-quality, high-reliability external power supply - Philips power supply.

Applied to street, main road, branch road, square, etc.
Installation manual:
1. Cut the electricity before installation, connect electricity after installation to prevent the electric shock.
2. Make sure the lamp working within the correct voltage range before it connected electricity, over the voltage working range will occur permanently damage.
3. Be sure to avoid the lamp installation over 50 Centigrade and corrosive gas place so as not to affect the lifespan of the street light.
4. Non-professional, non-removable products.



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