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KAIEN LIGHTING CO.,LTD.  is a collection of scientific research,production,sales as one of the multi-functional,integrated enterprise.Main production-line :LED HIGH BAY LIGHT, LED STREET LIGHT, LED FLOOD LIGHT, LED INTEGRATED SOLAR STREET LIGHT, LED SOLAR GARDEN LIGHT, etc.But also for the user design,production,processing and related products and a variety of the above light-emitting device product quality and technical specifications are up tointernationally accepted standards and passed the ROHS environmental testing,respectively,passed the CE, RoHS, ISO cert. quality LED chip manufacturing high quality LED products, services, and supporting solutions that are widely used in various types of LED lighting. 
Since its inception, through the continuous efforts of all staff, has developed into a modern management mode. Modern production-scale production and marketing enterprise In order to meet different customer needs, we continue to expand engineering and technical strength, the introduction of advanced 
management techniques and management experience into production, for better co-operation with our customers, our company has done a rigorous quality control, full implementation of the raw material. Products. finished product testing. product reliability testing, etc., 
and actively improve staff quality and development of professional training and 
client to establish a good relationship between the quality of each feed Companies adhere to "pioneering spirit.Joint development. Integrity. professional management tenet ", relying on the
 powerful technical strength, technical reform and innovation unceasingly, 
Using the perfect quality management system, fully satisfy customer demand, Through high quality, good service and the most competitive price to win the customer's satisfaction Based on the
 tenet of "equality and mutual benefit, common development. Sincere 
cooperation." the principle, serve the masses of customers and service Company products exported to Europe and America, southeast Asia, such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, 
Italy, Korea, Japan, etc. At the same time we also of the market.

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Skype: kaienlighting2
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